happy tuesday


Despite having only the few hours of sleep that comes with becoming a mother, today is looking quite nice. We’ve been so busy lately today we’re going to take it easy. The only thing we have going on lunch with my friend Michelle and that I am not going to miss.

 The morning was spent relaxing outside in the morning sunshine and hopefully we’ll be able to play outside in the afternoon! 

Marquesa is starting to smile at my silly faces

Big legs little legs

The last couple of weeks I have been looking for any and every excuse to get of the house. I try and fill our day with plenty of little things to do so I don’t go stir crazy in the house with our new sweet babe! Basically any little errand becomes a big adventure.  

I love giving gifts. Absolutely love it. If you told me I had an unlimited amount of money and my job was to buy people gifts all day long I would be the happiest person alive! But unfortunately that’s not the case…so when I get any little opportunity to get someone a gift I do it! Easter is just around the corner and I make Cort a little Easter basket every year. I thought about making one for Marquesa for a split second but then reality hit when I thought…

1) She’s only 5 weeks old and really has no idea what’s going on 

2) Is more interested in being held, pooping, and sleeping on my chest 

3) It would really just be for me and I’d definitely go over the top 

 So that will just have to wait for next year! We will be in Key West on Easter so making a basket there would prove to be more difficult (since most of their stores consist of touristy shops selling shells and trinkets or are dive shops). I went all the way to World Market and Homegoods in Jax beach for all of Cort’s Easter goodies. Any excuse to get out of the house, remember? Instead of a basket I bought a beautiful wooden bowl (that we could later use in the kitchen) and filled it with healthy snacks for him to munch at at work and other random nic nacks. Blueberry almond bites, an assortment of mixed nuts bars, chocolate and pho noodles (we’ve been talking about making homeade pho) all made their way into the “basket”. Along with some silly little toys. I wish I would’ve taken a picture because that basket was the prettiest basket in all the land!



 Ps if anyone knows a good pho/Vietnasmese restaurant PLEASE spill the beans….now

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