Keys please

Last week we left for Key West! This is Marquesa’s very first vacation and my first vacation since I have been pregnant. We have a place here so we visit often but when we do it’s mostly only for the weekend. This time we took an entire week off to relax and play!

It has been a lot different being here with a newborn baby. We’re used to riding bikes everywhere and going out on the boat all day-two things you CANNOT do with a 6 week old. She is much too small and fragile! Luckily my mom was able to come for 5 out of the 10 days to babysit! It is already Monday (we arrived Friday) and what a HUGE help she has been! We have been able to relax, cruise around town (without the minivan we rented to drive here…), spend a few hours on the boat enjoying the weather AND have been going to dinner…with no baby. Don’t get me wrong, I love my baby girl. But it sure was nice to spend some time alone time with Cort and just relax.

We drove down making an overnight stop in Homestead. The thought of driving with a 5 week old baby really worried me. What if she wanted to be held or rocked? How could I console her if she was upset when she was strapped in a car seat and I wouldn’t be able to take her out unless we pulled over?! Needless to say, I thought the 8 hour drive would take about 3 days. I really wanted to fly but Marquesa doesn’t get her vaccines until the end of April. Bringing her on a plane that could have some very sick people and potentially put her in a danger was not an option. Luckily the driving gods were with us and she pretty much slept the entire time!

Since we come here so often we feel a bit like locals. We try and stay away from Duval street which seems to be the main and only reason most people travel here for. This lovely island has a lot to offer, much more than just Duval St. This was my mom’s first time here so of course she wanted to go to a couple of the local attractions. So today I got to play tourist!

The line for this thing was…ridiculous…

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