Home sweet home

Has it already been a week since we were in the keys?  Already missing riding my bike… the flora and fauna…the turquoise water. Here is a little recap aka one hundred pictures of our little vacay.  This is one of my favorite spots in Mud Keys. YES the water always looks like that.

Cort had the most genius idea of hanging hammocks…on the boat!        Don’t let this picture fool you, during the middle of the afternoon I was in my bikini for a total of 5 minutes until I realized the sun was a few miles away from Earth and quickly put my sun shirt back on.

The neighborhood we stay in is called “The Meadows”. Riding your bike around town is a must. You’re surrounded by all of these lush plants bursting out of everyone’s yard. It’s like looking through a filter that makes everything much much brighter.

  Glass of wine at sunrise. CHEERS!  Playing on this beautiful sandbar at dusk  This is me chasing my paddle board as the tide takes it away…thanks for taking that picture Cort…  Such a catch 22 this week. While it was AMAZING to relax and be out on the boat for half the day, I was dying to get back and see this sweet little face.    

Strike a pose  

Clusia Rosea. They call this an autograph tree because once you engrave your initials into its leave it will be there forever. Look closely

Night blooming cereus. The flowers blooms only during the evening, and for some of these species only blooms one day out of the year for one single night.

Nighttime                                                                     Daytime

    I love this hat for lounging around but it’s absolutely ridiculous to do anything else in it because you CANNOT SEE ANYTHING.   

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