2 months

My sweet pea is already


She has changed so much this month. Every day she becomes more and more alert and it is so wonderful watching her grow into a little person


-Loves to be held…a lot…still

-Doesn’t mind diaper changes or getting dressed! As much…

-Still hates arms being swaddled and likes to sleep with them up by her head

-Has noticed her hands! They keep her very amused first thing when she wakes up

-Eats every 2-3 hours

-Likes to be outside

-loves to be in her sling and fall asleep there

-has started looking out the window of the car instead of immediately going to sleep

-Can hold her head up

-has slept 5.5 hours in the night!

-Smiles many times a day

-loves her bouncer and her little school bus toy


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