Mother’s Day 

Hope everyone had a beautiful Mother’s Day! This one was my first and it was very special. My brothers live in Orlando and made sure to be here to help celebrate it. Let me start off with what Marquesa made for the lovely ladies in our family!   This is definitely not something I came up with all on my own. There are easily a million different things like this on Pinterest and with Marquesa only being two months old with such cute tiny little feet, I figured this would be the perfect gift! You can obviously choose any material to print the foot on. I love a serving platter because most people have complete dinnerware sets and don’t need an extra random plate. A serving dish can be used on occasion or even displayed if desired. And mugs, well everyone has a million different mugs. What’s one more AM I RIGHT? I bought two different colored paints, black and a pastel purplish pink but I love the way the black pops on the white so it turned into and all black and white production.

Let me just warn anyone who is going to attempt this project…MAKE SURE YOUR BABY IS EITHER COMPLETELY CALM OR INCAPACITATED. Cort and I first tried this while Marquesa was very much awake and alert and she did not like her foot being painted one bit. Our little family craft session quickly ended with her screaming bloody murder so we put it off for another night…
You will need:

*Your choice of ceramic that is oven safe

*Enamel paint

*Enamel pen (optional, you could use the paint but the pen gives you more control)


*Q tips  (for quick touch ups)

Firt things firsts, remove those ridiculously hard to get off stickers. These happen to be the kind that do not peel right off but are made to stay on forever and ever and come off in 100 pieces. The second (and much more successful time) instead of painting Marquesa’s foot we used a sponge like a stamp kit. Just squeeze some paint onto it, stamp foot, then surface of ceramic. It did not tickle her and she probably only noticed the cool temperature of the paint. It was still a little difficult and took two people in my case (thanks Candace!) to make sure her toes were pushed down but I have very squirmy baby so if you can do it all by yourself, congratulations! Let paint dry for 8 hours then bake at 375 degrees for 40 minutes. And voila! Cute little mementos that can also be used for serving dishes!


My mom has been a HUGE help since Marquesa came a long. HUGE. I cannot even phathom what I would do without her nor do I want to! I feel so lucky to have her here so close to me to help out with Marquesa and she enjoys every bit of it so it’s a win win. That being said I also made her a little basket filled with some goodies including  a few Alex and Ani bracelets since she is always commenting on mine. 



Funny thing is that my mom and Cort got me Alex and Ani bracelets as well! You  know what they say, the more the merrier!

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