Flying with bebe

Just got back from a quick trip to the keys!

Since we only went for 4 days we flew instead of driving the much dreaded 8.5 hrs it takes to reach the furthest point in the south of Florida! Also because the tickets that are SO expensive it makes us want to boycott the only airline that can fly us there happened to be on sale! I mean it really is ridiculous…we don’t even leave the state and you could probably get a round trip ticket to somewhere spectacular for the same price. I could write an entire post about Silver Airways with my many complaints BUT I will spare you the heartache.

This was our first time flying with Marquesa. Even though the flight was one hour I was nervous. For what reasons, I really cannot tell you but everything turned out just fine! Here are a couple tips I can offer that might help!

1) Get to the airport EARLY.

This to me is extremely important when flying in general. Early does not mean 15 minutes before your flight. When traveling with a baby things are already a bit stressful so get there at least an hour and half before your flight if not earlier. We were two hours early because I was so nervous and I’m so glad we did. I’ve missed a flight because the security line was outrageously long and there’s not one thing you can do about it.

Except wait.

This time was similar. By the time we left security we had 15 minutes to spare to grab a bite to eat when we were planning on eating our dinner there due to time.

2) Once you get on the plane (or shortly after) nurse/feed your baby!

It helps calm them down instantly in an extremely stimulating environment and can help them fall asleep…which is just gold. A lot of people say to schedule the flight around your baby’s schedule but one of the best advice I’ve gotten is to schedule your baby around YOUR schedule. They need to learn to live with you and your lifestyle and sometimes it’s just not practical to do that. If you can schedule it at a time that fits both even better!!

3) Do NOT sit in row in front of emergency exit or back row.

Those seats do not recline and if you are flying with an “infant in arms” where your baby sits on your lap like I did, it makes for a bit of an uncomfortable ride. Especially if the person in front of you reclines. You might be left feeling claustrophobic! I just had a hard time napping- first world problem, I KNOW.

4) Less is best 

I always find myself overpacking for EVERYTHING. A whole week vacay, a short weekend trip, A WALK DOWN THE STREET. Having a baby makes you a hoarder. Before it was “oh I’ll definitely use that expensive eye cream that I’ve never opened on this trip.” Now it’s “I have to bring at least 3 burp clothes because she’s never spit up that much but she just might today.” Or “yup, obviously bringing four blankets because we live in Florida and she might freeze to death somewhere along this ride and ALL but three could get lost somewhere.” Less is better. It’s nice to be prepared but tone it down…a lot. The chances you will use everything you bring it extremely small. Marquesa ended up not playing with ANY of her toys because the airport was enough excitement for her so instead of bringing a backpack full, I could’ve brought one or two at the most. Bring the necessities but keep it to a minimum!


Like I said, I was so nervous for this trip and I don’t even know why! Traveling with a small babe definitely can be stressful and things might be chaotic but you will eventually get to your destination crying baby or not. People are a lot more understanding than you think and if you are calm hopefully your baby will feed off that energy and be happy and calm as well!

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