New Mama must haves 

Being a new mama can be overwhelming. You suddenly have this beautiful small being depending on you for EVERYTHING. Before the baby comes you are in constant nesting mode making sure you have everything for their arrival. While yes, the baby is extremely important, make sure you don’t forget about yourself!  Here’s a couple things that are a MUST in my book.

1) Day planner- Writing lists are so helpful when you CANNOT REMEMBER ANYTHING due to lack of sleep. When you think of something that needs to be done, write it in the planner to ensure it will get done. Love this floral detail Rifle Co Planner 

2) Sunglasses- Remember that lack of sleep thing? Bags for daaaaays. Make that months. These are big enough to cover my large eyes and large bags. The fun color is just a plus. Aviator Flash lenses

3) BB cream- This cream is fantastic because it’s a tinted moisturizer with SPF. You’re welcome. Maybelline BB cream

4) Chew beads- Not only will you baby love this but you can wear it as and accessory. They come in a bunch of cute colors and the beads have different shapes. I never leave home without these Mama & little

5) Flowy dress- Key word flowy. Post baby your body will love flowy and less tight. I absolutely love this dress. Always makes me feel stylish and chic. Sulphur Snake Maxi Dress

6) Stylish diaper bag- This will be your new purse, make sure you like it! JujuBe Diaper Bag

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