Weekend recap

Saturday my brothers came for a quick visit. It is such a sweet thing to see them spend time with Marquesa! They are so fun and playful with her. For people who never spend time around babies, I must say I am very impressed how interactive they are with her. It’s very entertaining to watch them! She’s very lucky to have her uncles:)

They met us at the house for lunch.  Cort grilled some burgers, I whipped up some spicy guacamole, and even made some piñacoladas… mmm. After lunch we walked around downtown. I always seem to forget how beautiful our little town can be, especially at dusk.  

   Sunday was a gorgeous day, so we stuck an umbrella in the sand and played at the beach. Marquesa seemed to enjoy splashing in the water, although she enjoys eating sand more. Every time I would look away she would scoop her hands down and stuff a hand full of sand into her mouth. Why that is so good is really beyond me!


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