When it rains, it pours

I stress before flights. Always. Until I have passed security I am worried about missing the flight. I blame it on missing a flight years ago due to the security line at JFK being SO LONG. So Friday after Cort got off work we took off to catch our flight. Well the security line was quick and we even had time to spare to eat dinner! We got to our gate ready to depart, and then we see this massive line. Apparently there was a problem with the plane and they needed to switch it out for a new one… So our flight was delayed three hours. Since most of the people had connecting flights they started booking them hotels for the night since they were going to miss their flights. Marquesa was so tired but didn’t want to go to sleep because she was stimulated by all the noises and lights. I strolled her around the airport for half and hour and when I got back to our gate they said they had fixed the plane…woohoo! Well once we got on the plane we waited another hour. And guess what? We were the parents on the plane that had the crying baby. But we survived and she finally fell asleep. People even came up to us and said “Wow, what a good traveler she is!” And they were a few rows away from us. It was late when we got to the airport and we just wanted to get our car and get to the hotel. That took another hour since our hiking backpack (that Marquesa sits in) didn’t make it on the flight. We finally made it to the hotel at 12:30am. It can only get better from here! And hey, at least the view is nice.


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