October Recap

Is it November already??? Halloween crept up so fast. Every year I always think to myself “Next Halloween I’m going to go all out and decorate the whole house in cobwebs, pumpkins, and skeletons.” And then the last week of October approaches and then say what’s the point of decorating now?! It’s only taken me a few years to realize this pattern so next year during the FIRST week, that’s right you heard it, I will be preparing/decorating/crafting for Halloween. Next year….just you wait and see!

Besides Halloween there were a bunch of other things that happened this month. Here is a recap of my favorites.


The last week in September and the first week in October we took a ten day vacation in five different cities; Atlanta, Greenville, Asheville, Chattanooga, and Austin. Four flights, countless hours in a car, and one music festival. Did I mention we did all of this with a seven month old baby?! We are so lucky that M is a good traveler, but let’s be real. This child had no choice. We don’t like to sit still very long so she has to get used to being on the move quite a bit. SO with the exception of a 30 minute crying session on a plane which left me drenched in sweat because I was pacing up and down to aisle trying to calm my hysterical baby…M was an awesome traveler! We took her everywhere-well obviously, where else were we going to leave her?- but what I’m trying to say is that we didn’t just sit in the hotel room because we had a baby and she goes to bed at a certain time. We took her to nice dinners, walked around the neighborhoods and popped in all the shops, went on hikes…you name it. We were so lucky to have this amazing hiking backpack that was a LIFESAVER. It’s a hiking backpack that the baby (until three years old) can sit in. Very comfortably might I add. We used it on our hikes as well the musical festival. It gave her a great view and she would even fall asleep in it. Which you know, is GOLD. Altogether the trip was short and sweet! By the end we were done and so was M. I think with a baby that’s honestly the ideal way to travel. Getting her back on a  routine proved to be a bit of a challenge, but it was SO worth it.


We took a quick trip to Key West and surprised Cort with our friends Brian and Julie showing up:)


For M’s first Halloween I dressed her as a pineapple! Isn’t it great how you can dress babies up as whatever YOU want and they won’t say “No mommy, I want to be the pink ranger.” Although that would be pretty cool as well…

So long October, you were good to us. Excited to see what November has in store for us!

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