Triple Berry Pie

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. So many things to be thankful for this year! This was Marquesa’s first Thanksgiving which makes it a little more special for me. I made a little bucket list for this season and baking my triple berry pie was on the top! I used to watch this tv show years ago called Pushing Daisies…anyone ever heard of it? Well the main character was a pie maker who had the ability to bring people back to life by touching them. Long story short every episode they would bake a pie. At the time I was watching this show it was before I really had any interest in baking. But after watching them make a pie again and again one day I felt inspired to bake my own. I searched for many different recipes and found the triple berry pie to sound the most delicious!

For Thanksgiving every year I bake this pie. It is the only time of the year that I do so, which just makes it that much more special. Hopefully in a couple years Marquesa can help me make it and it can be our little tradition:)

  Sprinkling oats on the bottom help keep the crust from being soggy.  I mixed the blue berries, black  berries, and raspberries with corn starch, sugar, and cinnamon.

I nomally don’t later hearts on the top but I wanted to try something different. Also I had a het cookie cutter that has been sitting i my pantry for YEARS that was dying to be used.  Here’s the pie from this year. Don’t mind the creepy Martha Stewart pose.

What traditions do you do?!

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