Holiday Gift Guide for the guys

Today’s gift guide is for the guys! I don’t know how it is for you but shopping for guys in my life always seems to be the hardest. When you ask them most of the time they’ll tell you nothing or that they don’t know. Here’s a little guide to give you an idea for the dads, boyfriends, husbands, and brothers!

1) Flannel shirt-Everyone looks great in flannel.

2) iPhone projector– How neat is this? Movie night anywhere, anytime.

3) Concrete pots-These would be perfect with some little plants in them.

4) Hoverboard-Because every man needs a toy.

5) Beard comb-For the beards that need a touchup.

6) Knife block-Upgrade their kitchen with this stylish knife block.

7) One rad dad-LOVE this mug!

8) Coffee maker – For the coffee lovers.

9) Bose speaker– Great sound he can carry around.

10) Swell water bottle-Get him drinking more water.

11) Agate bookends– Spruce up their shelves with these beautiful bookends.

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