Holiday Gift Guide for the Little One

This guide was special (and FUN!) for me to pick out since this is the first year I have a little one! That being said she is so little and she really doesn’t need anything. Also, she won’t be partaking too much during gift time since she won’t be opening the presents- I really could be wrong on this. She likes anything that makes sounds so she’ll probably be all over the wrapping paper. Here are some items that are so fun and all of them happen to be beautifully made. Also I’m obsessed with the simplicity of wooden toys so of course I had to throw those in!

1) Wooden Stacker toys– I couldn’t choose between the waves or mountains!

2) Bowling set– These can be personalized with their name on the bowling ball.

3) Coloring poster– Why get a book when they can color an entire poster?Sure to keep them busy for HOURS.

4) Romper– Romping around never looked so cute.

5) Circus animals– No lion tamers needed.

6) Wheely Bug– Your little one will have so much fun wheeling all over the place with this!

7) LED night projector– Fall asleep to waves on the ceiling.

8) Plush Produce– Teach them young to eat fresh and green.

9) Black and white striped teepee– Everyone needs a little time to themselves.

10) Safari animals– Stacking the jungle never looked so chic.

11) Onesie– Do they make them in adult sizes???

What are you getting your little one(s) this year?!

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