Bourbon Bacon Jam

  That’s right…you heard it. BOURBON BACON JAM. How could it possibly be bad? This recipe is so good that I could eat it on top of everything. Literally. Cheese and crackers, as a sandwich spread, on top of meat while grilling…ON MY SALAD. Anything. So so so good. I made this for my brothers a couple of years ago and it did not disappoint. I was bummed that I didn’t make enough to keep for myself. This year I doubled the recipe so I could make a batch to give out AND have some for leftovers:) Pretty genius, I know. Giving them as gifts to family and friends.

  I only ate ONE piece of bacon. ONE. Can you believe that?!? And this is only half of the bacon. I had a couple cookies that I had baked the day before while making this so that might’ve been why…

I’m promising to eat better after the holidays!

I packaged the jam into cute 4 oz jars.   

 Wrap with a bow and all done!

 I got the recipe from here: Cravings of a lunatic. Go make it…NOW!

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