December recap

For us December has been….BUSY.  We took two trips to the Keys…celebrated Marquesa’s first Christmas! And of course spent a lot of time with our families and friends.

I have always loved the holiday season but having a little one just makes it so much more special. She was the center of any event or gathering. Not different from any other day really. I was really hesitant to get Marquesa any gifts because ONE she doesnt need anything, and TWO we already have so many toys. I was not dying to add to the list since I knew we would be receiving plenty of stuff from our families and friends. I got her some books and also grabbed a few stocking stuffers at the dollar isle in target…STEAL. I think I like her wooden xylophone more than she does.

We had some work to do in the keys but it consisted of mostly play and relaxation:)  


My friend, Candace sells these beautiful yoga towels. They’re perfect for almost anything! I threw it on the boat and used it for a blanket, a yoga mat, and a even a cushion for my feet when I went paddling boarding since my board is older and not so kind to your feet. Here is the link if you want to grab one for yourself: STROPS yoga towel


Marquesa also was lucky enough to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus at the library. What are the chances they’d be there the same time that we were?!

 She was really digging his beard.


December was the month that I launched my Etsy shop The Native Mama Studio and finally took a step toward creative living! I will try to share bits and pieces of work and just play here as much as possible so keep an eye out!



And out of the HUNDREDS of pictures, here is just a summary of our first Christmas with Marquesa.

  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! 

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