Marquesa’s 9 and 10 months update

10 months

So many firsts this month! They were more experiences than milestones. She is SO mobile now I have to watch her like a hawk . 


had her first Christmas! It was so special:) 

Has started pointing…at everything.

Points to the moon if you ask her where it is 😳

Takes 3 naps instead of 4 during the day and has started sleeping through the night again…THANK GOD

Learned how to climb up stairs…this is exciting and terrifying at the same time

Has 8 teeth (four up top and on the bottom)

Appetite has grown dramatically! Currently obsessed with smoothies, pomegranate arils, blue berries and raspberries.

Dancing skills are getting better everyday 😉

Still nursing

Went paddling boarding for the first time! Well you know, as much as a baby can.   


Meant to post this one but time flew to quick so I thought I’d just include it here.

9 months!

Marquesa changes so much every month it is truly amazing. I can’t believe how quickly she is growing. We are currently trying to baby proof the house because M is full on crawling and is constantly trying to pull herself up into everything. No more plopping her down anywhere! I honestly think it’s only a matter of time before she takes her first steps. 

At 9 months Marquesa…

Has 7 teeth (4 on top, 3 on bottom).

Can pull up to standing position and will try to at every opportunity .

Is crawling

Can suck through a straw. This makes drinking smoothies SO much cleaner🙌🏼

Is finally growing some hair! She was born with quite a bit and then lost most of it.

Has transitioned out of her little whale tub (kept trying to stand up in) to the regular bath tub

Waves at the birds flying by in the morning. 

LOVES animals, especially dogs and really enjoys chasing them.

So far M eats everything we give her. She didn’t like avocado in the beginning (might’ve traumatized her giving it to her as her first food) but after a few times she likes it.

9 months still breast feeding! I’m starting to nurse her less now that she is starting to eat more.

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