Marquesa’s first birthday party

We had so much fun celebrating M’s first birthday! 

   I was soooo worried about the weather. Like checking the weather forecast everyday for a month ahead-worried… Throwing an outdoor party at the end of February on the beach can be tricky. It’s windy a lot and when it’s cold outside AND windy. Yeah- no. But everything turned out great. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. We couldn’t have been luckier. We also had so much yummy food. We decided to have a mixture of Filipino food and southern food to represent both mine and Cort’s side of the family. There was lumpia, menudo, pancit, shrimp and grits, AND cornbread. 

Isn’t my mom so beautiful?    
  How cool is this photo prop? I’m so glad people didn’t think it was lame and leave it on the ground. Here is just a handful of the pictures people took with it.     We had to hold M’s hands while singing happy birthday so she wouldn’t touch the cake and she was not happy about it one bit.  

 Party favors are a little difficult when you have a group of kids ranging from 6 months to 6 years old. So instead of goodies bags, I had everyone to make their own bag filled with desserts and candies from the party .               The end!

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  1. That looks adorablee! I’m so inspired by your ideas too, btw. They’re so unique and creative.. I’ll definitely try it on my own birthday, haha!

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