Party prep

Sugar cookies with homemade icing that literally took HOURS to make, a beautiful photo mural with lots of washi tape, a carport turned playroom, AND a smash cake gone wrong but saved at the last minute!  Had my two best girls with me (Michelle and Candace) helping with party prep for Marquesa first birthday party! I think we officially are the dream team when it comes to events and party planning. I usually stress about parties- but these ladies had me laughing so much that I didn’t even have time to worry.


 Sugar cookies from hell…but yum!  We laid down rubber times over the concrete for a safe and baby friendly play area

Also check out this beautiful photo mural my friend Michelle help me make. It’s pictures from M’s first whole year. Well…duh. It’s CRAZY how much she’s changed in such little time.Washi tape gave the perfect little POP of color.


I am not even going to go into details about this ridiculous cake! Long story short: It was not looking so good for this hideous thing but in the end it actually turned out great!
(Missing Michelle-BOO ) Candace and I after a hard day’s work. 

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