A quick trip

What did Cort and I do when we found out he had a Monday off due to a national holiday last minute (thank you fourth of July!) you ask? We decided to take a quick vacay! Because…well, why not?

Since we weren’t taking a whole week off we didn’t want to spend an entire day traveling. That narrowed our choices down a bit. Couldn’t leave the country since Marquesa doesn’t have her passport yet and we wouldn’t have it back in time, even if expedited (trust me, I tried). AND we were hoping to cool off a little bit with this insanely hot summer. We decided to head to the Appalachian Mountains! Not too far but far enough so we didn’t feel like we were anywhere close to home. First we flew into Chattanooga and played around there for a couple of days, drove through Nantahala and then ended in Asheville.


Really loving Marquesa’s pose here. She is my spirit animal.

I want to say Marquesa loved every minute of the carousel but…she was pretty terrified the entire time.
I thought that this was just plain GENIUS. Walking downtown you’d find gold steps teaching different dances. The cha cha, the waltz, even a free style one! SO fun!

Bridges with lovely lush greens overflowing out of them. Beautiful.

Blue ridge Parkway


Marquesa’s tiny and precious legs making a heart. She just exudes love.

At the very beginning of this trail I gave Marquesa a flower. She carried it for half of the hike. We hiked for five hours with this baby. She loved every minute of it.








We stayed at the Windsor boutique in the heart of downtown. We want to get a cabin in the mountains next year, but this hotel was fantastic for our short stay there. Everything was just a quick walk away. The floors were made with reclaimed wood and the rooms were so beautiful.


Sounds great, right? It was! Well, with the exception of staying at the airport (two separate ones since we had connecting flights) for a total of 12 hours…WITH A BABY. It all turned out fine and we basically won the lottery because Marquesa was in a jolly mood (thank god she just LOVES people watching and watching giant aircrafts take off) when it just could’ve been SO MUCH WORSE. We flew on a plane with her one time last year and she cried for 30 minutes straight, which of course to me felt like 10 hours. Everyone stared at us probably trying not to judge us-ok some definitely did- but their stares made us feel like the most terrible parents on the planet and all we could do was nothing! Cort and I basically passed her back and forth like a hot potato. But you know what? We survived. I don’t think I have ever produced so much sweat in my entire life. No. Joke. Lesson learned–> Do not under any circumstances look at the parents when a child is crying. JUST DON’T. Pretend that they don’t exist and their screaming baby doesn’t bother you a bit, even if you want to jump out of the plane yourself.

Killing time playing with inversions after a nice little stretch.

This necklace was a LIFESAVER on this flight. Not only does Marquesa love to chew on them, SIX teeth making their fabulous appearance right now, but she finds comfort in holding onto them as well. She holds my hair a lot of the time so maybe this makes her feel secure too, like I’m her horse and she has me by the reins? There wouldn’t be much of a difference…Anyways stay tuned for a fun post coming up on this awesome teething jewelry company!

I definitely need to get better about planning our vacations. Looking forward to exploring new places and maybe even getting out of the country with M for the first time!

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