Mama & little

My current beach day essentials:

Reusable water bottle… check.

Big floppy hat… check.

Baby friendly- teething necklace….CHECK


Have you guys heard about Mama & little?? One of my very first posts New Mama Must haves mentions their necklaces and how I NEVER leave the house without them. Fast forward to a year later and things still have not changed. I actually had a necklace before Marquesa even had teeth. If I’m wearing any sort of jewelry there’s a 100% chance it will find its ways into Marquesa’s mouth if her beloved thumb isn’t already in there. With her father being an ENT doctor I’m fully aware of any and everything she can choke on… and necklaces/bracelets with beads are a big NO NO.  The great thing about Mama & Little’s necklaces, they are designed to be chewed on and the beads are secured with knots in between! Marquesa is cutting six teeth right now. SIX TEETH. I’m not sure why but this baby gets her teeth in larges batches. These necklaces are our best friends.

I had an opportunity to try out a few pieces from their beautiful new Rose Luxe collection. The jewelry from Mama & Little are designed for moms to wear AND for be baby friendly. The catch? The necklaces and bracelets are so chic that I wear them even when I’m not with Marquesa. I’m in love with the modern designs and the MARBLE pattern. If you read my most recent Lust List  you’re fully aware of my current obsession with anything marble. That being said it’s no surprise that the Alexa necklace in the marble pattern makes its way into my wardrobe on a weekly basis… and that’s not even counting when I’m wearing it with Marquesa. I could go on and on about this awesome company but I’ll summarize my favorite things into a few key points.

  1. Beads that 100% food-grade silicone, are BPA and phthalate free, SUPER easy to clean and not harmful for baby!
  2. A string cord that keeps the beads away from your hair. For someone who has so much hair THIS. IS. HUGE.
  3. You can’t tell that they are teething  jewelry. The designs are so cute guys. I get so many compliments when I wear them and always surprise people when I tell them it’s teething jewelry! I’m pretty sure I’d be rocking them pre-Marquesa had I known about their existence.
  4. They are waterproof! I take these everywhere…literally. One of my favorite and easiest accessories to wear to the beach without over doing it and keeping my little one happy. I don’t ever have to worry about any metal rusting, color fading, material peeling…etc

Do yourself a favor and check them out. Mama & Little is also offering a 20% discount for any of my readers today through the 20th! Just use the code LAURA20 at checkout and enjoy! Also there’s free shipping if you’re in the US! My favorites are the Alexa necklace,  Teresa necklace, Sofia necklace, and the Finley bangle.

You guys, I seriously love this company. It is not a huge corporation. It’s a small family run business and the creator is this amazing and creative mother. I know you’ll love them as much as I do!

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  1. Hi Laura, I’m Camille Paige’s Mom. I love your blog because it shows how much you love and enjoy your family. That takes a very special person to truly admit that. I love how you speak to your readers and hold their attention. Thank you for today’s prose I really enjoyed it.

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