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Has it really been…NINE MONTHS?!? Wow. Let me start by apologizing for the months of white noise. Summer happened, we got hit by Hurricane Matthew, the holiday madness has come and gone, and we are finally back in our house! It’s a whole new year and lot has happened!

This post is waaaaaaaay over due. Almost a year overdue. Geez. BUT! I went to Boston and it was way too much fun and WAY too pretty not to share.

One my old and dear friends, Josh, got married!  This was my first time being away from Marquesa for more than five hours. Now, if you are a first time parent you know how hard that first time is. 😳 You think I could’ve gotten that over with before flying hundreds of miles away. But no, not me. I left it to the last minute (like most things!). I cried hysterically when I said good bye to her as if I was never going to see her again. It was only three days but it felt like it was going to be an eternity . Ugh! She was slightly annoyed (probably because I was creepily kissing her like I needed it to survive) ha! But you know what? I did in fact survive. andA it turned out that I would have an incredible time.

Every year during the last week in July we head to Key West with a group of friends for mini season to go lobstering! This year was no different so it made more sense for Marquesa and Cort to hang with the gang back in the keys while I flew to Boston for the wedding. It’s absolutely wonderful being in a relationship and traveling with your significant other, but it is SO important to do your own thing from time to time. I cannot feel more strongly about that. Go to dinner with your friends, have different hobbies, spend time alone. FLY TO BOSTON BY YOURSELF. Ha! It’s so important for you to have me time.

img_3166Don’t you love it when you see someone you haven’t seen in a long time and it’s like nothing has changed? ME TOO. Had such a great time catching up with this girlimg_3177Since I stayed by myself I booked a room in the heart of downtown. It was fabulous. I had access to everything and got to walk everywhere. My morning strolls took me through the Boston Common which is JUST. SO. PRETTY.6a62e246-d9c4-40f1-9c25-3b8cc2aa93ccJUST LOOK AT THIS img_3185The Boston Public Library was just incredible. I can’t imagine going to a place that ornate and to study or read. How could you possibly focus on anything??I mean…come onimg_3158I also took a duck tour and it did not disappoint. If you’re into history then you would be foolish to miss this. Boston is bursting at the seams with history and it’s the perfect (and quickest) way to immerse yourself in it. This tour takes you all throughout the city and straight into the Charles River. If you like breathing air you would love it. JUST DO ITimg_3237And finally….the wedding!img_3241Eileen and Josh got married at the Loring-Greenough house, a beautiful historic house surrounded by flower beds.img_3253f0c7f0b2-feff-411f-9dd4-0559764af5f7img_3291THIS MOMENT🙌🏼. Austin was Josh’s best man and gave the most beautiful and genuine speech I’ve ever heard. I think I cried a minimum of six times. img_335721caf8dc-add5-4fda-9ac0-ea395d9f41c8


Morgan O’Neil Photography
img_3329How angelic did Eileen look??
Morgan O’Neil Photography
Morgan O’Neil Photography


I ended up having so much fun catching up with old friends (and making new ones) that I wasn’t ready to leave! It was a short but definitely sweet experience 🙂

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