June | Give Up, Pick Up


Last month I started a new tradition that will begin at the first of each month. Every month I will pick up a new habit and give up an old one. I will try to do these every single day. My goal is to create a new and GOOD habit while dropping a BAD one. I thought that by holding myself accountable to do and not do something for around 30 days straight would be a good start to turn these tasks into habits.


Giving up- Hitting snooze on the alarm                                                                                      Pick up- A morning routine

These go hand in hand and I definitely did that on purpose. I have the absolute WORST habit of hitting the snooze alarm every. single. morning. If you offered me a million dollars or 5 minutes of sleep… I would choose sleep and not think twice about it. I REALLY like sleep. What I do NOT like is rushing. Rushing in the morning sets me up for an entire day of feeling behind or irritated because I didn’t get up up 30 minutes before to get my shit together. It’s hard for me to get up on my own because I often wake up during my REM cycle and right out of a dream. I honestly have a hard time distinguishing between reality until I actually get up. I’m trying to work on finding my ideal time to go to bed and wake up without feeling groggy.

Giving up- Hitting snooze on the alarm

Old Habit- I used to set my phone (with my alarm) right next to me on my nightstand, making it waaaaay to easy to tap that snooze button.

Plan- I moved my phone across the room, which requires me to actually get up to turn it off. Wow, who knew? Haha!

Results-  I move quick to get out of bed because                                                                                 A) I don’t want Cort to have to listen to it go off while I roll around to was up slowly                                                   B) I don’t want Marquesa to hear it and wake up!

I don’t know if I started to unconsciously anticipate my alarm going off but towards the end I started waking up BEFORE my alarm at 6AM. On my own. NOT feeling groggy. Like a friggin’ Christmas day miracle.

Pick up- A morning routine

Old Habit- My mornings used to be completely different everyday because I would wake up at different times. On days Marquesa had school if I didn’t get up before she did I would usually be rushing around trying to get breakfast made, her lunch packed, and get both of us dressed. Some days I would be motivated and get up super early and have everything done before everyone was awake. I would also get time to think and plan out my day in a calm and peaceful way making me calmer throughout my day. There was NO consistency.

Plan- Get up at 6 AM and follow morning routine. It went like this:

6 AM Wake up and shower                                                                                                                                                                                                                     620 AM Coffee and gratitude (writing at least three things I’m grateful for)                                                                                      630 Plan out day                                                                                                                                645 Pack Marquesa lunch/ start breakfast

Usually by 7 Marquesa and Cort have come down to join me and our morning starts together.

Results- Getting up and heading straight for the shower gave me no choice and nothing to debate about. I shower and wake up slowly. I’ve had a gratitude journal for a while but write in it randomly. Writing about things that made me happy and were grateful for not only humbled me but made me start my days with JOY. I can’t tell you how much this has helped me. I’m a very visual person and  a major list maker. Writing down what I need to do in steps is key for me. It also helps me get shit done! Then after I prepare food for the day ahead I have time to spend just BEING with my family and not running around. I’m not sure why it took me long to start a morning routine but this is definitely something I am going to stick with!

*ALSO* Marquesa started swimming lessons which are 5 days a week for 6 weeks. It’s 30 minutes away at starts at 8:40AM. If you would’ve told me a month ago I HAD to leave the house every morning by 8 o’clock with a fed and fully dressed toddler I would have laughed in your face! But honestly…. this routine has completely solved that dilemma. We are ready to leave and even have plenty of time to play (while mommy finishes her coffee!).

For July I’ll be picking up a nightly routine and giving up screen time after 10 pm. 


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