June the Native Mama Studio Recap and Ten things

  1. Marquesa has started with ISR swim lessons and is doing amazing. It’s only 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 6 weeks. At first I was mortified at the thought of having to drive half an hour away everyday for only 10 minutes! But it’s crazy how much progress she makes every. single. day. Not only is it worth it but it could save her life.
  2. Last month I started a monthly practice where I give something up for the whole month and then pick up something. You can read more about June here. This month I am going to pick up a nightly routine (seeing as how the morning routine I did for June went so well that I have continued to do it) and give up screen time after 10 pm.
  3. Marquesa is wearing PANTIES. Huge deal over here! Peeing on the potty, still working on the pooping though!
  4. Had a last minute birthday party with friends at our house and the beach (it was more like a party for M with the amount of children and toys hah) and it was so much fun! We met up for dinner at Black Fly, drinks, then dancing.
  5. Marquesa has been saying “thank you” to things that I wouldn’t normally expect her to (because let’s be honest, she’s two).  It’s not only incredibly sweet but it shows me what a kindhearted little being she is! One example, after she swims I’ll tell her how proud I am of her and she says “Thank you, mama” and then my heart explodes with joy.  It makes me realize how amazing and powerful the words “THANK YOU” are.
  6. I have started waking up at 5:30 am every morning instead of 6:00 am because I love waking up slowly and that quite uninterrupted time. I do get tired earlier and in the afternoons so I’m trying to find a happy medium!
  7.  I do a lot of my lettering and calligraphy work in what we call the “little house” which is an old oyster house outside of the house aka a little storage room. I’ve been slowly  making it more into an office/studio space so I can be as efficient as possible while also just being able to enjoy being in there.
  8. Marquesa’s favorite phrase for the week is “Don’t think about it” haha
  9. Going to start posting more of my lettering and what I’m working on. Be on the look out for that!
  10. Ask Marquesa what time it is and she will tell you it’s 8:48.

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