Lago Arenal | Costa Rica

DAY ONE | Flying into Costa Rica

Our first day was consumed with traveling from Orlando to Liberia. Two flights, rental car madness, and bumpy car ride totaled to a travel time of almost 12 hours and made for a very long day. Thankfully Marquesa did awesome during both flights and the long car ride. She is such a trooper! We arrived in Liberia, grabbed our rental van, and headed for our home for the next 5 days,

…..  A R E N A L.

We stayed at the beautiful La Mansion Inn right on the lake of Arenal.

IT WAS STUNNING. Every morning we would wake up to tons of birds chirping and the most gorgeous view.  We were lucky enough to have the villa on the corner so we had these incredible panoramic views filled with lush greens. Our friends, the Vales, joined us on the trip and I had booked this villa with the intention of us all staying together. But the “living room” area as well as the entrance were in our room…. which would’ve meant putting Marquesa to sleep in a high traffic room. We didn’t realize this until we got there at 8 o’clock at night but the staff were SO accommodating. We had dinner at the hotel restaurant (so delicious!) and they finally came up with a solution of giving us another villa…for a ridiculously cheap rate.

Near the pool there was a little valley where all of these horses were standing. They were all facing in one direction… barely moving. It was kind of strange, they almost looked fake!


I loooooooved this place. Most hotels we stay at we ask the concierge where the best restaurants are, what to see, etc. and they do a fine job but the staff here really went above and beyond to help us with anything we needed! I feel like I’m writing about them like they paid us to stay there but they were just that wonderful!


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