Well, I kinda fell off the face of the earth and stopped updating this place. Sorry 2018!

I just sat and read through the whole blog and let me tell you…. I am so glad I started this thing! It was so wonderful going through our old memories and past trips, and even crazier to see how much Marquesa has changed!  I’m going to go back and update our past trips from last year (and even a few from 2017!). I’ll be back dating them to the time we actually took the trips to keep them in chronological order (so if you are interested in reading them you’ll have to go back! The reason I started this blog was to keep a little photo diary of Marquesa growing up and our trips. Time really does fly by and you start to forget all those little details. Sometimes a little context between the photos really goes a long way to bring those memories back to life. SO… if you’re interested and keeping up, I’ll be back tracking and posting some memories I don’t want to forget. I just posted the first from Costa Rica last year!

While I continue to update here are 10 things…

  1. January we were crazy busy with travel. I was in a different state every. single. weekend. I said” 2019 is going to be our year of travel” and the universe heard me LOUD AND CLEAR lol. It was exhausting but so much fun!
  2. Marquesa just turned FOUR. I cannot believe I have had a child for FOUR years!!!
  3. We are getting ready to take a trip during M’s spring break and I am SO EXCITED.
  4. I cut M’s hair and gave her bangs… again! She hasn’t had them in a long time and they help so much with keeping her hair out of her face.
  5. Getting M dressed in the morning has been quite the struggle. She’s beginning to get VERY picky about what she wears and only wants to wear about 1/4 of her clothes.
  6. We celebrated so many birthdays in February. Something was definitely in the air in May… ha!
  7. For March my Give up is week night wine (lord help me lol) and my Pick up is working out three times a week. If you don’t know what I’m talking about head here.
  8. I’ve been on the celery juice band wagon for a couple months but cannot for the life of me make it more than twice a week. I really hate cleaning the juicer afterwards and would love to hire someone to come do it for me lol.
  9. I finally created a website for my lettering business, The Native Mama Studio, which you can view HERE.
  10. I  was one of the vendors for The Premier Bridal Expo and the World Golf and had so much fun chatting with brides and other vendors!

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