September Mood board

*H A P P Y   S E P T E M B E R *

This time of year has always been a little funny for me. We’re in back to school mode getting back into routines and a “change of season”. While most of the country are throwing on cardigans and boots while sipping their pumpkin spiced lattes, we’re still gifted with long daylight hours and the last days of summer. The sun still warms our skin and forces us to seek refuge in the water or somewhere cool inside!  Our evenings are spent splashing in the waves of the ocean and dancing in the sand. One of the beautiful parts of living on the beach in Florida.

Each month I try to focus on a theme that helps inspire me and keep my creativity flowing. While at first I struggled with what the theme would be for September, it became obvious to me after my daughter started school. We made a sheet to hang in her room of mantras to repeat daily (because the things children believe become true) and the first one is “I AM KIND.” The world could always use a little more kindness. Why not focus on being kind?


This month’s mood board is heavy on the neutrals and flowing with endless amounts of dried palms.  CAN YOU SEE I’M STILL TRYING TO CLING ONTO SUMMER?!?


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