Ten things- November

  1.  Wrote a post for styling Thanksgiving tablescapes here
  2. Read the book You are a badass by Jen Sincero  (bought it almost 5 years ago) and I still love it. It had such a deeper impact on me now then it did before! If you are into the laws of attraction read it! If you aren’t, definitely read it!
  3. I have been making vegan recipes from Ellen Fisher’s ebooks and have been LOVING them. They are so affordable if you are wanting to a vegan recipe book!
  4. We are not turning vegan but we’re trying to incorporate more plant based meals and less meat/dairy in our diets!
  5. I started watching the TV show Euphoria the other day. It’s intense! Especially watching it from a parent’s perspective, but it’s beautifully done and I’m hooked so far.
  6. Marquesa hasn’t been sleeping through the night in SO long. ANY suggestions would be helpful lol
  7.  Currently obsessing over the song “Monkey Dance” by Tones and I 
  8. We spent Thanksgiving week in Key West and had such a relaxing time.
  9. Since we were out of town we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family the weekend before!
  10. One tradition we have is to get the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. This year we did it the day of (since it wasn’t actually Thanksgiving) and after eating our big meal we got to spend the rest of the day decorating the house and drinking hot cocoa!


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